Yes, you can have it all!

Career and life coach Beth will guide you to
Your Flourishing Life

Today many women want it all: great careers AND great personal lives. FLOURISHING LIVES.

My mission is to help ambitious mid- to late- career women achieve career breakthroughs AND work-life harmony so they can become conscious leaders with heart and spend more quality time with their families and friends, without guilt, exhaustion or feeling overwhelmed.

Are you a high achiever who wants to be a conscious leader with heart AND have a great life?

I can help you get breakthrough results to reach your full potential. With my background in management, consulting, assessments and coaching grounded in the mind-body-spirit connection, I can help you become a conscious leader with heart while fulfilling your dreams of work-life harmony that will enable you to:

  • Reduce stress and overwhelm while increasing energy, choice, health and wellbeing;
  • Delegate with impact to develop staff and achieve greater work-life harmony
  • Increase productivity, doing more in less time with ease
  • Collaborate and communicate for better relationships and high performance
  • Reduce/eliminate fear of failure, self-doubt and worry
  • Build confidence
  • Change or transition career focus for more joy, satisfaction and success

Stop waiting for the right time or the right situation. Call me today for a complimentary consultation to identify what’s in your way, what you can do about it and experience brief coaching.

Your flourishing life begins with one phone call: 708-792-3848 or send an email to: beth (at) yourflourishinglife (dot) com

Achieve your potential and begin LIVING your flourishing life and career.