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Are you burned out in your career, or feel that you’ve outgrown it and are ready for a change, but not sure what that might be? With my deep experience in human resource management, consulting, and coaching in a variety of industries, I can help you uncover what you want to do next and how to get there. I use a holistic approach grounded in the mind-body-spirit connection and core values to ensure that whatever you work on will be aligned inside and out for sustainability.

Or maybe you’re in the right career, but your current work environment is toxic. You want out, but you are not sure how to avoid making the same mistakes you made in the past. We establish what type of work environment you need to perform at your best, what kinds of work you want to focus on, and what to minimize. I become your accountability partner and champion so you stay the course and make better choices to thrive in your career and your life.

What you can expect:

  • Values and other assessment results to pinpoint what’s important to you, your personal strengths, style and E-Factor (based on the Energy Leadership Index)
  • Revised resume to reflect your unique value proposition and strengths for your ideal position
  • Job search plan, support and accountability for the duration of the process
  • Interview practice to gain confidence in telling a compelling story and to determine fit

Call me (708-792-3848) or send me an email to beth(at)yourflourishinglife(dot)com to get started by scheduling your FREE 45-minute telephone Discovery Session today to clarify what you want and how to best move forward.