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Clients have shared amazing comments about the impact our work has had on their lives and career success. Following are a number of examples from a wide range of clients.


“I’ve engaged in several coaching relationships prior to Beth and this has hands down been the most beneficial. While other coaches focused almost exclusively on the organizational and professional aspects of executive leadership, I found Beth’s focus on integrating the personal and professional to be particularly illuminating and impactful. So much so in fact that when my son had a life-threatening illness during the course of our work together, I was astounded at how I immediately looked to the tools and frameworks we had been engaging around my work as a CEO to navigate this intensely personal experience with my family.

In so many ways, I have found that leading an organization is a profoundly personal and professional endeavor. A thoughtful and strategic listener, Beth understands that and for one of the first times in my career I’ve been able to recognize the interconnections and better position myself for success across all areas of my life.“

TC, CEO non-profit


“My goal was to get a game plan to find something more fulfilling.  Yes it was accomplished! I have greater energy generally speaking. Things came together towards the end of our sessions, which gave me a better sense of where to channel my energy… It was a process of establishing trust, opening up and having my insides witnessed by a person that is a trustworthy witness.”

JR, CFO telecommunications services


“I knew it [coaching] would be helpful but it has turned out to be far more beneficial than I would have thought. I also found the understanding of what motivates me to be a big contributor to my success. Beth really helped me to frame things in a way that were in line with my value system and met the desired outcome. I speak with more conviction and I understand the personal value to me of working more collaboratively…People are also noticing the success I have had and asking about it. We are all benefiting from the improvement in performance.”

CO, Investments Analyst


“…A family crisis occurred that required much energy and attention – all is getting better…The great news is your training and guidance helped navigate the situation enormously.”

GV, Communications, Marketing


“…After each meeting I felt more secure and could see the progress I was making. I believe if I look back in 20 years, I will remember this coaching experience as one of the most useful dialogues I’ve ever had.”

JC, Risk Management


“Thank you for giving me the tools to understand myself and others better. I’m not angry at this job all the time anymore…No longer angry about the things going on around me with other coworkers. I have learned to keep my inner calm.”

SM, Public School Administrator


“My goals were primarily related to improved communication skills, being open to others’ ideas as well as assessing audiences and gearing communications accordingly. I’m more confident about using illustrations in discussions.  I also have a new awareness of when I may be giving up my power to others, thus placing me in a low energy situation rather than energized.I’ve shared some of the techniques I picked up with my staff as I explained my development goals and they are using the same methods so we’re growing together in our skills.  Additionally, business partners have indicated that they’ve noted positive shifts, which tells them I’m serious about our relationship.[Coaching] is a great way to refine skills and gain different perspectives.”

AH, Director Contracts, industrial supply company


“The idea that I can seek help from my inner critic rather than feeling beaten up by her is transformative…I was surprised how much I could feel better by taking simple breaths, walking away from the stressor, reframing what I was doing as worthwhile and enough.”

NN, Marketing Communications

“I had a wonderful experience. You were able to explore topics with me and really drive to the heart of the matter. I appreciate your expertise and ability to work together to produce change.”

SJ, Sr. Dir. Technology


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